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среда, 8 апреля 2020 г.

Install Adobe Audition 3.0 on LinuxMint.

Adobe Audition completely satisfies me for my needs. I don’t deal with multitracks, but cleaning tracks from noise or clicks on vinyl and frequency correction on this instrument is quite professional.

          About two years ago I switched to Linux and launching the application in VirtualBox may be the way out, since Audacity, although not a bad tool, was made, as it were, from the wrong place. But waiting for the virtual machine to boot and shut down does not add optimism. Therefore, I decided to install Adobe Audition on PlayOnLinux, but it was not so simple. Here's what happens when you install the application on tips from the Internet like I just installed a package like this:
As you can see in the picture there is no time text and the beginning of selection window is the end of the selection, etc. are empty. Tips for installing corefont and Tahoma didn't help much either.

Copying fonts from Windows 7 sometimes helped in manipulating the registry editor in PlayOnLinux, but repeatability was unpredictable. Another problem was waiting for me when installing on wine staging 5.5. There, in the windows of the frequency analysis, it was impossible to select parameters. A window popped up with a copy of a part of the screen and disappeared after a couple of seconds.

Now I have found an installation method with 100% repeatability.

For starters, in PlayOnLinux, install a new application not listed on the new virtual disk and choose to use a different version of WINE. Select the version of WINE 2.0.1. On version 3.4, I had friezes of the entire linux system, and not just audition, which are not present when choosing 2.0.1.

Then select the AdobeAudition installer and install, but do not run.

Copy the font file from here: micross.ttf to the folder


Then select the image with the installed audition in PlayOnLinux and click configure.

Next, install the components and install sequentially in this order:

1) atmlib

2) Microsoft Core Fonts

3) gdiplus

4) msxml3

5) msxml6

6) tahoma

7) vcrun2005

8) vcrun2008

9) VideoDriver

Next, we run Adobe Audition and use our health!

By the way, this method worked just fine with WINE 5.5.